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about us s2 powerS2 Power Company is a solar installation company based in Amarillo, TX and serves the entire Texas Panhandle.  S2 takes pride in being a locally owned and operated business that has in house installation and an excellent network of distributors, designers and engineers that provide what is needed to complete each project.  If a system requires service, there is no waiting weeks for an out of town crew to send their maintance tech; our people are right here in Amarillo to tend to any necessary maintenance needs. 

We specialize in helping our customers optimize solar, battery, and micro-grid solutions to lower energy costs and provide long term value and benefits. Born from the dream of helping people install independent energy systems and utilize renewable, free fuel, we excel in helping our customers find the perfect solution to bring these energy independent technologies to your home and business. 

Spenser Smith, owner of S2 Power, graduated from West Texas A&M in 2013 and has previous work experience in the roofing industry. As both a business acquisition associate and contractor he's used these experiences to not only design incredibly efficient and reliable renewable installations for his clients' homes and businesses, but also ensures that the installations look aesthetically pleasing. S2 Power takes pride in our ability to deliver the most value and efficiency for your renewable energy system, as well as bring the curb appeal many home and business owners desire. 

S2 Power knows that renewable energy solutions offer an endless array of opportunities and scalability for residential and commercial clients. Our intentions are to help you apply these new and innovative solutions in a cost effective approach. 

"We have put ourselves in your shoes and realize that in order for these renewable solutions to integrate into your life we need to offer the most competitive prices and financing options available. We can not wait to help you review your options and our free quote. 

Explore your options. You may be surprised."